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Sailing with Erden Yacht means cruising along many gulfs and bays of the much indented Turkish coastline. It is a journey back in time, with a plethora of archaelogical sites, castles and temples that reflect its importance in ancient and medieval times as well as offering the perfect atmosphere for a lazy holiday in which you are expected to do nothing that you do not wish to do. Days are spent swimming or exploring the turquise dephts with your snorkel, enjoying unique view of secluded nature,every tone of green and aged pine trees leaning towards the crystal sea, reading your favourite novel, trying the delicious Turkish and mediterranean cuisine, amazing sea food, sipping through your favourite drink, sunbathing, and generally relaxing.

Unlike cruises on large ocean liners, on a gulet like Erden you can explore the secluded and often deserted bays and coves of the coastline. The small harbours and settlements offer an intimate view of coastal life which large ships simply cannot. In many ways a gulet is like a custom made boutique hotel where every room has a sea view and the scenery changes constantly. On a trip with Erden, modern facilities and comfort do not overshadow the traditional hospitality and the slower pace of life. The pleasure of yachting with Erden will tempt you to come back again and again, to explore yet another stretch of coast and to relieve the luxurious ease of life on the sea.

Sailing with Erden also alloes visitors to experience the hospitality of the people on the coastal villages and towns. Also, the closeness of the entourage on board promotes an atmosphere of friendship and sharing; relations between passenger and crew tend to be relaxed and casual.

Take a blue cruise with Erden and start exploring the beautiful unspoilt coastline of south-western Turkey. Escape to the pleasures of relaxing under the sun, swimming in crystal clear waters, enjoying the taste of fresh food whilst taking in the magnificient scenery. Your imagination will become a reality with the daily adventure of sailing on crystal clear waters in every shade of blue and green. Taking home with you memories that are rewarding as well as satisfying. This is a holiday you will enjoy remembering!


Relaxing atmosphere, touch of class and comfort, good food, safety and the friendly company surrounded by nature in a serene atmosphere and crystal waters of untouched bays and coves are what welcome you on Erden Yacht. Life on board is a wonderful experience to live day and night like a miracle of nature and turquise sea on the Turkish coast.


Erden has a wonderful space on the front deck with mattresses for sunbathing, a sofa to watch the beauty of turquise waters while Erden yacht is cutting through the sea and on the back deck where there is the comfort of cushions on which you can enjoy the shade while you sip through your drinks along with friends or nap with sea breeze.

Crew of the Erden Yacht are well known for their hospitality and they are devoted to provide all our guests an unforgettably beautiful vacation which begins in the morning with a swim or a sight seeing among ancient ruins up to your preferences, serving a breakfast full of mediterranean specialities, sit back and rest as Erden Yacht takes you to a new spot.

The day goes spending an afternoon after lunch from various cusineses is served, exploring the crystal blue waters and under water world surrounding the Erden Yacht. Meanwhile you may try to catch a fish for dinner or find a local fisherman who has already succeeded. This can be as relaxing or as an energetic experience as desired. You may also join the captain and crew in the running of the Erden Yacht to have a real, personal sailing experience. Your dinners would be a feast with excellent foods of the sea, traditional olive oils, fresh vegetables cooked in the best way and unique tastes of local fruits.

Imagine your nights anchored in protected coves under a brilliant milky way, sea shimmers, then time becomes meaningless and it is easy to forget that modern world exists beyond the horizon.


Besides sunbathing, there will be activities and excursions: diving, snorkeling, probably encountering dolphins, fishing or visiting archealogoical sites and tasting local culture. Our yacht is equipped with, fishing dingy with outboard and snorkeling equipment. There is also a large variety of different water sports such as jet-skiing, water-skiing, banana riding available at moderate prices organised by independant water sports groups at different bays visited. Once the boat is moored our guests can visit the local archaeological sites, take a walk up into the pine forests or explore the beautiful coastline. There will also be plenty of time to shop in the bazaars of the many lively coastal towns. You can relax reading a book or just enjoy a snooze under the canopy whilst a sea breeze cools you. Of course, sealovers will enjoy swimming, snorkeling or lazing in the sun unaware of time and city life.


As our cruising area, we have decided the southwestern part of Turkey. Coastline streching from Bodrum to Antalya consist of hundreds of bays, coves, coastal towns, crystal and turquise waters and every tone of greenery. Therefore it consists of many the perfect routes for visitors.

This region of Turkey has attracted people even since Ancient Greek with its historical and natural beauties. This is why she housed for so many civilizations and states in history. Archeological sites -in land and under sea-, diving opportunities, beautiful cities, tranquil coves, hospitable people and delicious food are just some of the beauties of our cruising area.You can check our photo gallery to see the amazing stops in our route.

On the other hand it is up to you how you want to spend your voyage. The most beautiful shores are advised to you by our captain and sailors, but you plan the route. However, if its your first blue voyage, it is recommended that you conform our suggestion. Otherwise, you can lose to opportunity to swim and rest every day. Normally, we try to make short hours of sailing to render you more comfortable.

The home-port for our boat is Marmaris - an ideal starting-point for wonderful cruises in a part of the Mediterranean which is renowned for its natural beauty and culture. However, according to your desires, it is possible to start from different cities like Gocek, Bodrum or Antalya.

Thus, to spend a wonderful holiday under the guarantee of Erden Yacht, and see these secret wonders of the world, contact us now and you will never be disappointed.


Kas - Kekova


Turkish cuisine is where tastes of west and east meet. West parts of Turkey known as Aegean region is a typical replica of the Mediterranean region where people enjoy olive oil, fishes and sea food, special cheeses, wine, fresh vegetables and fruits, sun drenched tomatoes in other words a healthy, all natural and a deep rooted cuisine.

Food served on Erden Yacht are excellent samples of this Mediterranean cuisine mostly. Although dishes served differ with all due respect to preferences of our guests. Erden Yacht 's crew make food appear throughout the whole day. The morning commences with coffee and tea and progresses to a typical Turkish Breakfast of fresh bread, choices of jam, pine honey, flower honey, butter, yogurt, variety of cheese, eggs, choices of olives, sliced tomato, cucumber and fresh fruits.

Afterwards lunch arrives with fresh vegetable dishes, spaghetti, pasta, salad, or whatever guests wish to eat in the early afternoon. All dishes with no exception come with flattering tastes. Tea, coffee or soft beverages arrive in the afternoon with appetizers like cakes, cookies, biscuits for an afternoon tea. The day concludes with cocktail hour and dinner shortly after the sun sets following the meal.

Dinner is an important part of the day on our yacht. That is why the skilled hands of our cook work for its best to serve you perfectly. Depending upon your choices dinner can include fish, sea food such as calamari,octopus and others, meat or chicken barbequed on charcoal, salads, rice, pasta, vegetable dishes, mezas followed by variety of fruits. Our guests can enjoy a night sky overflowing with stars while sipping through their wine or favourite drink. Olive oil and pine honey are specialities of our region and they both are a must to taste. Olive oil is still made in the traditional way practiced for hundreds of years for an absolute perfection in our region. Pine honey is a unique taste special to Marmaris. Olive oil and pine honey bought from local people of our region can also be good choices as presents to your friends. So is a bottle of our national spirit, Raki.

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